Edustor – Media wall


Enhance the learning experience…
a space-efficient, multi-functional teaching wall

When you’re teaching, you want 100% attention. Traditionally, education spaces are very paper-heavy environments which means the space quickly becomes cluttered causing unnecessary distraction to the audience. To enable every student to achieve their full potential, classrooms need to enhance the learning experience. They need a space-efficient way of removing these distractions with an organised and efficient storage system. Edustor is highly functional and presents an opportunity for advanced agile learning. It’s an organised storage system that increases student engagement by providing a distraction-free learning zone. With its efficiencies alone, Edustor can increase classroom capacity. Available in a large variety of finishes and configurations, Edustor is a highly modular and adaptable system which can be readjusted and easily relocated according to classroom use and varying teaching styles. Combined with other storagewall products, personal storage and private learning spaces can be incorporated into the overall design.

Size: 3200 mm W x 500 mm D

Finish: MFC 1

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